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The St. John’s Small Homes Journey

Nearly 15 years ago St. John’s leadership began discussing a concept that would eventually, and drastically, change how long-term care is delivered in the Rochester area.  This movement was based on the philosophy that older adults deserve to live in spaces where they can thrive as individuals. At the time, the traditional model of nursing…

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Building a Community One Small Home at a Time

For a long time, the goal was to create a home-like environment. My vision is to get rid of the word ‘like’ and make it home. Because home-like is never really home.” -Diane Bogaczyk The profession of nursing has drastically changed through the years. Just ask Diane Bogaczyk, St. John’s Director of Nursing. As a…

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St. John’s Small Homes Again Featured on McKnight’s

Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera dedicated her most recent “The World According to Dr. El” column in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News to an examination of St. John’s journey to small homes. According to Dr. El:  “Traditional nursing homes can participate in culture change programs with great success if their leadership is committed to the philosophy through the transition period and beyond. They can retrain staff, add plants and pets and remove nursing stations, but the standard long hallways have remained — until now.”

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Portrait of a Small Home

Charles enters the dining room and is immediately greeted by name.  Diane Lochner—whose husband Larry also lives at St. John’s Home—asks Charles how he liked the neighborhood picnic in the nearby Trinity Courtyard the day before. “It was nice, but I think I may have overeaten,” Charles says with a laugh. The discussion between Charles, Diane, and Larry soon turns to Larry’s recent shoulder surgery and his continued recovery.

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State Awards St. John’s $100,000 Grant

Rochester, N.Y. ­—An innovative workforce development program pioneered by St. John’s has been awarded a grant to help expand even further in 2017. St. John’s will receive $100,000 from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council to put toward training existing employees in new methods aimed at improving care and quality of life for residents of St. John’s.

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Small Homes Visit Inspires New Volunteer Program

It all started with a tour.

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Small Homes Are Better for Seniors Data Reveal

Experience skilled senior care levels beyond in-home service delivery with better life quality for your loved one. St. John’s is pleased to offer an innovative alternative that is changing long-term care. Reduced isolation and loneliness Increased physical, mental, and social engagement Highest level of safety with round-the-clock, on-site medical team Greater “peace of mind” for…

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Lilac Neighborhood Team Reflects Vision for Small Homes

The core vision of St. John’s Home’s transition to small homes—aside from providing a home-like setting for happy, well-cared for elders—is developing cohesive, self-managed teams. The concept of small teams of versatile workers having greater responsibility for a smaller group of elders is a new one. In fact, it is a major departure from the way care has been provided at the Highland Avenue location for nearly six decades.

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Rebecca Priest Makes Case for Small Homes

Rebecca Priest, Administrator of Skilled Services at St. John’s Home and Penfield Green House Homes, was recently featured as a guest columnist on McKnight’s—a well-known source for long-term care news across the country. You can read Rebecca’s column here.

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Small Homes Grand Opening and Dedication

St. John’s hosted the grand opening of Small Homes and the dedication of the Rose Neighborhood on Wednesday, March 2. The event featured speeches from shahbazim, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and tours of St. John’s first officially opened Small Home. Read more about Small Homes here.

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