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Betty Kelly - Featured Image

Betty Kelly’s Story

St. John’s Home resident Betty Kelly sometimes feels that her five children are too persistent in their visits, calls, and well-wishes. And recently, according to Betty, her son Dave went…

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Nancy Dubner - Featured Image

Nancy Dubner’s Story

Nancy Dubner, resident of St. John’s Meadows, was recently featured in an article in “55 Plus” magazine, celebrating her lifetime of remarkable achievements. Born in Massachusetts and educated in Connecticut,…

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Sarah Soosalu’s Story

Sarah “Sally” Soosalu, a resident of St. John’s Home for nearly four years, has an impressive former career that led two of her students into the spotlight. Co-owner of Marion…

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Heidi McGuire, RN

Every front line worker that has so inspired us over the past couple of months has at some point found his or her own motivation to take up work that…

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Connor Chmiel’s Story

Connor Chmiel has worked with seniors for over ten years. What began as a convenient situation—turned into an undiscovered passion. When Connor was in college he was without a vehicle…

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Sandy Ferguson’s Story

During the month of April we recognize the dedication and commitment of our amazing volunteers who make such a difference in residents’ lives. St. John’s Home Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Ferguson…

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Jack Murphy’s Story

John (Jack) Murphy has lived several lives and is still embracing life at age 92. Jack has the gift of an incredible memory recalling back to age three, when he…

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Renee and Denise’s Story

A funny thing happens when a person finds an employer for which they truly enjoy working.  They feel content. They feel appreciated.  And—if given the opportunity—they tell their friends and…

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Betty & Loretta’s Story

“This just seems right,” Betty Keely remembers the feeling that overcame both her and her life partner, Loretta Bergen, when touring St. John’s Meadows. Both of their minds were set…

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Marilyn Colby’s Story

Transitioning to independent living looks different for everyone and the wish list of amenities vary by individual. For Marilyn Colby staying active in the community was at the top of…

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