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Sue Bement’s Story

Like many educators, Marcy Hotchkiss, St. John’s Green House Homes Board Member, says of her mom Suzanne (Sue) Bement, that she was flexible, agile, and especially good at planning; her…

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Katie and Patty’s Story

Katie Nau is one St. John’s Home resident that staff and volunteers continuously look forward to seeing around the halls due to her kind nature and friendly spirit. She is…

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Oneida Andujar’s Story

It takes a special type of person to work with older adults living with dementia. If you are doing it right, you are not just providing care for those facing…

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Jane Mullen’s Story

When considering a move, people often struggle with the same question: when is the right time? For Jane Mullen, her epiphany came while walking her dog. On this day, she…

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Bob Wesley’s Story

Bob Wesley remembers having a singular motivation for entering the health care field over two decades ago:  “I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.” Today, Bob’s brand of difference…

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Terri McTigue’s Story

Born and raised right here in Rochester, Terri McTigue is hardly new to the area or to St. John’s. She spent her working years as a nurse and always enjoyed…

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Sonja Wendt’s Story

Hawthorne Resident Sonja Wendt remembers the good times–and is eager for more. Born and raised in Irondequoit, NY, Sonja has lived many places, including New York City, Syracuse and Sioux…

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Jack Holzwarth’s Story

Jack Holzwarth, now a resident at the Hawthorne at St. John’s Meadows, has lived a rich and varied life to date. Jack grew up at 3977 East Avenue, the last…

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Alex Bailey

Alexandra Bailey’s Story

“In fundraising, it’s not about where you want the money, it’s about listening to donors,” said Alexandra Bailey, Development Manager at the St. John’s Foundation. “Some people think fundraising is…

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Celeste - story picture 2

Celeste Sriringo’s Story

Celeste Sriringo, Development Assistant for the St. John’s Foundation, is motivated by compassion and an appreciation for what St. John’s does for the lives of its residents. Celeste’s first encounter…

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