St. John’s and Nazareth Partnership Featured in Rochester Business Journal

Andrea Deckert of the Rochester Business Journal recently spoke to the participants of the new Nazareth University and St. John’s Meadows collaboration.

The newly launched study project, called Students in Residence, allows students in the university’s gerontology program the opportunity to live in an apartment at St. John’s Meadows for three weeks. This is part of an ongoing partnership with the university and Dr. David Steitz, professor of psychology and chair of the Nazareth Gerontology program.

“Students in these multigenerational courses learn from, and with, the elders to gain perspectives and knowledge that cannot be delivered by a professor or textbook,” Steitz told Deckert.

Also interviewed was St. John’s Meadows resident David Day, who encouraged the visiting students to take part in as many programs as possible to gain vital intergenerational interactions.

“It was a valuable experience for them,” he said.

One of the students, Sarah Dadonna, said the experience has given her a “new perspective,” to what it is like to live in an independent community which makes her excited for her future in the field.

Read the RBJ article, “Nazareth, St. John’s collaboration gives gerontology students a different perspective of elder care.”

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