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Artist David Dean Brings His Work to St. John’s Home

This painting by David Dean is hanging in the Terry Art Gallery at St. John’s Home.     David Dean looked at a photograph of a sugar shanty hanging in the kitchen of his childhood home and told his mother, “I’m going to paint that someday.” Spoken years before he ever held a paintbrush, it…

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Sheridan Vincent’s Photography on Display at St. John’s Home During the Month of April

The Terry Art Gallery at St. John’s Home debuted its April collection this week, this time featuring art by Sheridan Vincent. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Sheridan dreamed of working for Eastman Kodak. He realized that dream, and later retired after 31 years, ending as the Technical Director-PhotoProcessing Chemicals in 2005.

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Embrace Living with Esther & Deb: Spring Session of the LifeBio Program is Here

Since 2008, 95 residents have completed the LifeBio program.   Our LifeBio Program is beginning its Spring Session! You will find a talking and laughing group of nine residents and one staff member in the Chestnut Courts Parks room by the fireplace. They have breakfast together and share stories that will be organized and written…

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