A Note from St. John’s Spiritual Care Team

In observance of Pastoral/Spiritual Care Week, the Spiritual Care team at St. John’s would like to thank the administration and staff of St. John’s for their ongoing support. We are grateful to be part of a wider community that celebrates spirituality as an integral part of the well-being of its residents.

Chava Redonnet, Nancy DeRycke, and Sarah Culp

St. John’s is an inclusive community where residents are free to express their spirituality in multiple ways, including worship, prayer, song, meditation, study, movement, and various other activities. Spiritual life is not limited to religiosity, denomination, or faith, but encompasses all that makes life meaningful and precious.

We are here to support all residents, family members, and staff by providing guidance and a listening ear, as well as being on call for prayer or other support when necessary. A great privilege is when a staff member or family member can share a bit of their burden as we seek to lift them up in their care for our residents. And, an unexpected spark of life (a smile, a witty comment, a story shared) that comes when taking time with a resident, is never forgotten. We are here for residents and families on their journey through moments of life and death: to embrace living and all that comes with it.

Chaplains at St. John’s are part of the interdisciplinary clinical support team, providing comfort to anyone in need: supporting residents, families, and staff. We also offer insights and perspectives. Spiritual care is provided at all St. John’s campuses.

Benjamin Loos with a resident

We love what we do and know that we could not do it alone. We work alongside amazing group of people every day who help create opportunities for spirits to soar! We are grateful for all of you!


St. John’s Spiritual Care Team

David Orange leading Rosh Hashanah with the assistance of Benjamin Loos, Chava Redonnet, and Sarah Culp.
Patrick Crumity and Timothy Schramm


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