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When you have a loved one who needs full-time care, there is a lot to consider. Of course, you want them to be safe and to get the skilled nursing home care that they need. However, finding a place where they can continue living a fulfilling life—where they will be happy—is often a much bigger challenge. Fortunately, St. John’s Home is just such a place. A place where we never forget that you are not just looking for “skilled nursing services” for your loved one—you are also looking for a home.

St. John’s Home has been providing the best in innovative care for more than a century and we continue striving to help our residents embrace living every day through vibrant, caring, life-affirming relationships.Today, that includes offering a variety of skilled nursing services in a home-like environment, where we foster companionship and deliver care that revolves around resident choice and spontaneity.

Small Homes: A Revolutionary Advance in Care

It used to be that in-home service providers were your only option for supporting seniors who needed skilled care but also wanted to enjoy the comforts of home. St. John’s Nursing Home’s “small homes” initiative now offers you and your loved one a unique alternative.

Within our large Rochester, NY, campus, we’ve created a series of small homes that blend the experience of at-home living with the high level of care that we’ve always offered. St. John’s Home has found that these smaller, more community-oriented environments are the best way to deliver the level of service, safety, autonomy, and companionship our residents deserve.

Universal Caregivers, Closer Relationships

In addition to renovations to physical spaces, our transition to a small homes model has also involved a significant shift in how our staff cares for our residents. Previously, St. John’s, like most nursing homes, used a team of people to help care for a large number of residents. Today, we have moved to a “universal caregiver” model, where a single, versatile staff member that we call a “shahbaz” is accountable for direct care, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and day-to-day life for a small number of residents in a specific small home. We have found that this leads to closer connections between residents and those who care for them as well as a more family-like atmosphere, all of which enhances care.

Enhanced Safety

Our small homes provide a more home-like setting that promotes resident mobility within intimate living spaces designed for safety. Our dedicated medical team of doctors, LPNs, and nurse practitioners is available around the clock to provide support as needed.

Comprehensive Care

You do not have to give up individualized care when your loved one moves from at-home to skilled care. Our small homes deliver compassionate, long-term care through consistent interactions with dependable, highly skilled caregivers. Under St. John’s Nursing Home’s comprehensive staffing model, dedicated care teams holistically address our residents’ individual needs and desires.

Increased Engagement

Social isolation and loneliness can be a risk factor for seniors living at home. Your loved one deserves the opportunity to embrace living in a way that is personally meaningful. Our small homes provide close-knit, caring communities where activities are resident-directed and meaningful relationships are cultivated.

A High Level of Choice for All

Seniors living with cognitive and physical challenges can and should continue to have the opportunity to make decisions affecting their quality of life. Supporting the choices of each resident is a key tenet of the small homes model. Our staffing levels are designed to be highly responsive to individual needs. Plus, staff training includes specialized methods of fostering freedom of choice for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

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