Enjoy the Bounty: Our Local Farmer’s Markets

June is the start of my favorite season of the year: Farmer’s Market season! Although the Rochester Public Market is open year-round and I often go to the indoor Brighton Winter Farm Market—it’s seeing local produce, local farmers, and my neighbors out on a sunny day that really makes my heart—and taste buds—sing. Many farmer’s…

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Game Show Week Returns to St. John’s Home

In honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, staff at St. John’s Home hosted Game Show Week 2.0 from June 4 – June 9. Residents teamed up with staff members from various departments to participate a variety of interactive games based on famous game shows. Contestants were challenged to use their brains and work collaboratively with teammates to win…

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Recognizing Better Hearing and Speech Month

In recognition of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we took a few minutes to talk with our speech language pathologists here at St. John’s Home. Both Tracey Ulterino and Liz Hill explain why they chose the profession and how working with the older adult population has impacted their lives. What led you down the path…

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Marketing is about Relationships

Over the course of my career I have been asked more than once “What is marketing?” or “Why do we need marketing?” Allow me to share this perspective. . . At St. John’s, we know that the family members, who helped select St. John’s Home for their loved one or the senior residents, who chose…

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Ready, Set, Garden! Green Thumb Society Hard at Work

With the beautiful weather this week, members of the Green Thumb Society at St. John’s Home were busy planting fresh herbs and vegetables. Alongside staff members and volunteers, residents enjoyed each other’s company and did not mind getting their hands a little dirty!

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Long-time Employee Receives Recognition

Working in the customer service industry is not for everyone, but for Peggy Commauf it has been part of her life for as long as she can remember. Her passion for cooking led her into the food service industry at a young age. Peggy first began working at Kodak as a waitress and decided to open…

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Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

It was a week full of celebrations at St. John’s Home in honor of National Nurses Week. Throughout the week, nursing staff members participated in a variety of activities. “We have done all sorts of things this year,” says Jennifer DiSalvo, assistant director of nursing.  “The staff is wearing different colors associated with themes. We…

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Dialogues on War Connects College Students and Older Adults through Storytelling

They take turns telling their stories. Working clockwise around the table they each recount their own personal tale of when and how the war started for them. “I graduated high school in ’42 and couldn’t wait to go in,” remembers one volunteer. “August of 1942 is when I got my start,” says another. “I went…

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Everyone Can Give Something

Everyone can give something. That is the motto the newly formed St. John’s Home volunteer group agrees upon. The group came together in hopes of giving back to fellow residents along with their local community. Their first group project involved a companion visitation with other residents. Volunteers visited The Garden Factory and bought houseplant flower…

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Occupational Therapy Roundtable

April is Occupational Therapy Month and to mark the occasion, we brought together our passionate occupational therapy staff here at St. John’s to discuss what made them choose the profession and how working with the elderly population has impacted their lives. What led you down the path to becoming an occupational therapist? Jacquie Brambley: I…

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