Hawthorne Baking Class: Irish Soda Bread

Earlier this month residents at St. John’s Meadows community, the Hawthorne baked a traditional Irish recipe with a dessert twist. While enjoying a classic Irish playlist you can find here,…

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Your Gift to St. John’s Foundation—Big or Small—Makes a Difference

St. John’s Foundation is always tuned into the needs of residents and the ways donors like you can make the greatest impact. Know that whatever amount you can donate will…

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Unsung Hero Award: Amy Menz

Amy Menz, the Senior Staff Accountant at St. John’s Meadows was the first to receive the newly implemented “Unsung Hero Award.” Amy has dedicated over 20 years of service to…

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Residents Celebrate Anniversary Amidst Visitor Restrictions

Long-term care providers under mandatory restrictions to outside visitors will be tasked with the ongoing challenge of ensuring that residents remain stimulated. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds over the next…

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Can My Loved One with Dementia Live Alone?

Estimates indicate that approximately one third of people with dementia and 1 in 7 of those with Alzheimer’s disease lives alone. A diagnosis of dementia does not automatically mean a…

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Generous Volunteer Gives a Touching Gift to St. John’s Residents

Margaret Watson is a dedicated and generous volunteer at St. John’s Home. During the month of March she is displaying her extraordinary paintings in our gallery each for sale at…

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Resident Scribe Helping Neighbors Find Their Voice

For a growing number of St. John’s residents, Monday afternoons have become a time set aside for self-reflection. This is not group therapy—though what is shared amongst the group’s members…

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Notes from Nate: Welcoming Neighbors

There was an announcement this past December that no one could have expected..  A neighboring nursing home had experienced a terrible flooding issue and residents would have to be evacuated…

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A Valentine’s Treat: Homemade Cannolis

As St. John’s Meadows celebrates Italy this month honoring the rich and vibrant history and culture, we could not resist a homemade cannoli. Conveniently in time for Valentine’s Day, this…

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St. John’s Meadows Soup Making Class

This morning residents at St. John’s Meadows’ Hawthorne community assisted Shelley Stout, Community Life Specialist in a homemade soup making class. Shelley’s own recipe for potato and leek soup is…

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