Dory’s Stories: Rochester During the Mid-20th Century

It was an exciting time in Rochester, New York during the middle of the 20th Century. The economic boom of Midtown Plaza, Sibley’s department store, and the influx of job opportunities at Eastman Kodak helped turn downtown into a thriving city. Doris Adamak recently took her fellow residents at St. John’s Meadows down memory lane…

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French Baking Class: Crepes

St. John’s Meadows’ assisted living community, the Hawthorne is starting off 2020 with having each month celebrate a different country. January is honoring France, which brings special baking classes, educational activities, and a travelogue exploring the city of lights, Paris, France. The first kick off to learning more about France was a crepe making lesson.…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Phelps

When Karen Phelps began volunteering at St. John’s in September 2019, she did not know how much she would learn and discover about herself. “I have two older women, 87 and 75, in my life who I met randomly and they have encouraged me. They are both active seniors, and I have had some of…

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Nursing Referral Program Spotlight: Vanmany and Lisa

Vanmany Banks and Lisa Ellis have been connected for over thirty years. After Lisa’s family sponsored Vanmany’s to escape Laos in Southeast Asia, and move to America, the families instantly bonded. Vanmany and Lisa refer to each other as cousins and Vanmany still stays in touch with Lisa’s grandparents. Thus it was no surprise that…

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8 Expert Tips for Successful Dementia Caregiving

When forgetfulness becomes more frequent and other aspects of a loved one’s day-to-day life start becoming more challenging, it is hard to know where to turn. While chronic memory impairments like Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia typically take months or even years to progress—with symptoms possibly remaining hidden from the people closest to them—the changes…

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Fall Prevention Clinic with St. John Fisher

As we move into the winter the likeliness of falls increases, especially in older adults. We are fortunate that St. John Fisher taught a fall prevention clinic free to our residents at St. John’s Meadows. These classes provided simple safety tips, fall prevention exercises, and interventions. This research project began with St. John Fisher nursing…

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Residents Revel in Fall Foliage Trip on the Genesee River

St. John’s Meadows’ residents recently took a two-hour trip along the Genesee River. Aboard the paddlewheel Harbor Town Belle, the group took in the beautiful colors of fall.  Reva Sipser, a St. John’s Meadows resident, described the trip and took breathtaking photos: “We enjoyed leaf peeping at its best along the shore, had a buffet…

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Seasonal Flavors with MVP Health Care: Squash-tober Fest 4!

St. John’s and MVP Health Care‘s is diving into Fall flavors with the most recent Seasonal Flavors cooking demonstration and educational series. Our own Chef Joe White stirred up some amazing creations for the warmth and comfort with multiple kinds of squash. Join us for our next installment this November which will feature A Healthy Spin…

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Residents Use Woodshop for Community Service Project

There are 20 million people in the world who need a wheelchair but cannot access one. The P.E.T. (Personal Energy Transportation) Project is an organization that started to provide availability of transport chairs free of charge to people who desperately need them. Modified from a standard wheelchair, these mobility carts are built for tough terrain…

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Fitness Center Provides Year Round Opportunity to Stay Fit

Peg Williams made a decision to reclaim control of her health. It happened soon after she moved with her husband Ken back to Rochester from North Carolina earlier this year. “I had this moment where I said to myself ‘okay, I need to do something,’” recalls Peg. Prior to her recovery from knee replacement surgery…

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