Wellness Specialist Shares Onondaga Experiences with Residents

When St. John’s Meadows Wellness Specialist Steve Gardner first interviewed for his role in 2021, an independent living resident on the search committee asked if he had Native American heritage.…

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‘Friends of Mount Hope’ Care for St. John’s Plot in 2022

A significant part of St. John’s history was given some additional love and attention this year. “The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery put a lot of time and treasure into…

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Gifts of Comfort

The St. John’s Foundation “Giving Tuesday” campaign for 2022 focused on raising funds for simple items that bring hours of joy and comfort to residents. The campaign to fund mechanical…

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St. John’s Penfield Homes Resident Knits for a Cause

Rochester, NY–St. John’s Penfield Green House Home Resident Beverly Bixby, a former resident of Chestnut Court at St. John’s Meadows, has knitted all her life. She had so many items…

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New Horizons Chorale Provides Holiday Delights

With the backdrop of the festively adorned Wintergarden at Brickstone by St. John’s, the Eastman School of Music sponsored New Horizons Chorale Group entertained a full house of residents and…

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Illumination of Love 2022: Holiday Tradition Returns

It was cause for celebration on Sunday, December 4. Illumination of Love—the annual courtyard lighting event that also serves as the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season—returned as an in-person…

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Embracing the Truth of Aging: Challenges and Solutions

Aging is a simple reality and truth, even if it may not be a pleasant thing for all of us to think about. Just as change and growth are inevitable…

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November Seasonal Flavors: Air Frying

You may have already joined the “healthy frying” craze and are a seasoned expert on air fryers and air-frying. However, there are still many people that wonder ‘does air-fried food…

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4 Essential Things Seniors Need To Know When Starting a Home-Based Business

The later years of your life are a time to live out the dreams that you have been working toward over your career thus far. Perhaps you have always aspired…

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Meadows Art Gallery Showcases Talented Resident-Artists, Rich Programming

The semiannual St. John’s Meadows Art Gallery Show recently returned to the walkway between Briarwood and Chestnut Court. The works featured this Fall once again highlight the diverse range of…

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