About St. John’s

Helping Older Adults Embrace Living at Every Stage of Life

For more than a century, St. John’s has been helping older adults live satisfying, rewarding lives regardless of their age. We have grown into three innovative communities delivering a full spectrum of services from independent and enhanced assisted living to rehabilitation and skilled nursing care, all centered on customization and choice for our residents. It’s a complete range of services that allows seniors to stay within the St. John’s system as their needs change.

While St. John’s has evolved a great deal over the years, we are committed to maintaining our status as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, helping ensure that the health and happiness of those we serve will continue to remain our highest priority.

Our Mission

St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

We embrace living by being …

Friendly—welcoming, engaging, willing to be open and interactive with others

Respectful—polite, demonstrating that others have value and deserve your time and attention

Responsive—reacting quickly and positively

Compassionate—showing tenderness, empathy, and care for others

Innovative—continuously looking for new and better ways to do things

Fun—allowing yourself to be spontaneous and joyful