St. John’s Meadows Celebrates its Centenarians

St. John’s Meadows hosted its annual Centenarian Luncheon to celebrate the residents who have reached this significant milestone of 100 years. Residents shared their lifetime of experience with visiting family as well as local news — 13WHAM and News 8 WROC.

Residents shared their secrets to longevity, like eating a balanced breakfast and staying active.

The St. John’s Meadows Social Recreation Team planned the perfect luncheon complete with delicious food, a large birthday cake, and a slideshow featuring the celebrated centenarian honorees. Of the 10 centenarians on the St. John’s Meadows campus, eight were able to attend the celebration with family and friends.

The following centenarians were celebrated:

Resident Jackie Strick said that she felt “like a celebrity” at the luncheon.
  • Bianca Halewski
  • Jackie Stricker
  • Alice Morse
  • Betty Smith
  • Gwen Drake
  • Ruth Weiss
  • Bea Briggs
  • Ruth DeVries
  • Mei Hwang
  • Peter Affolter


Jackie Stricker, a St. John’s Meadows resident of 16 years, told the two news outlets that exercise is what got her to 100. “Exercise, I always got exercise,” she said. “That’s the reason I think I’m still here.”


Watch 13WHAM’s Celebratory centenarian luncheon for eight at St. John’s Meadows.

Watch News 8 WROC’s St. John’s Meadows holds centenarian celebration.

See more photos from this year’s Centenarian Luncheon here.

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