Nursing Home Care

A Unique Level of Care and Service in Nursing Homes

Having a loved one who has reached the point of needing skilled nursing care is stressful enough; trying to find a place where they will be happy, safe, and secure only adds to your burden. That’s especially true if you believe that all long term care nursing homes are the same: too dreary, too crowded, too institutional. Fortunately, we do skilled nursing home care differently.

Embracing Living At Every Stage Of Life

At St. John’s Nursing Home, we do not believe that there is an end date for embracing living. We do believe in fostering companionship, providing opportunities for both giving and receiving care, and having variety and spontaneity throughout the day. No matter what our skilled nursing residents’ age or medical condition, we find ways to fight loneliness and boredom while nourishing their bodies, minds, and spirits.

That high level of innovative long term care is something St. John’s has been providing since 1899. Located in Rochester, NY, on an eight-acre campus next to picturesque Highland Park, our skilled nursing facility provides around-the-clock care that includes assistance with all of the activities of daily living. Available long term care services are tailored to your loved one’s individual needs and include nursing, medical, pharmacy, therapy, social work, spiritual care, therapeutic recreation, and beautician/barber services.


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Small Homes vs. Nursing Homes

While our campus may be large, we believe that small community environments are the best way to deliver the rewarding human experience you and your loved one deserve. That is why we divided St. John’s Home into “small homes.” While residents have access to the broader St. John’s Home facility, dining and many other daily activities take place in a smaller, home-like setting. This provides a level of personalized attention that never existed using the traditional “medical” model of nursing homes.

We have also shifted to a universal caregiver model, with a single staff member responsible for direct care, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and day-to-day life for a small number of residents. These changes allow residents and staff to more easily establish meaningful relationships and a sense of community and provide more flexibility and opportunities for customization. Your loved one will enjoy many features of “at-home living” combined with all the advantages afforded by higher levels of long term care.

Small Homes Overview

On-Staff Physicians. Full-Time Staff.

St. John’s Home residents are cared for by an interdisciplinary team that includes:

  • Four physicians board-certified in internal medicine and/or geriatrics, with expertise in hospice and palliative medicine
  • Two full-time nurse practitioners and one full-time physician assistant
  • Registered and licensed nurses, plus certified nursing assistants
  • Certified and licensed therapists and social workers
  • A committed support staff trained to perform the highest quality of care with compassion and sensitivity

Shahbaz Overview

My mother lived at St. John’s for a little over a year. The family atmosphere and loving care she received was priceless. Ellen Andrieu, Daughter

The staff members are great. They're good friends and really take care of my mother. It's nice to know I can be here if I have to be, but it frees me up to do other things. Ann Finger, Family Member