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Virtual Reality Program Helps Promote Empathy and Better Care

St. John’s is in the midst of a push to employ the latest technology to ensure that residents receive the best possible living experience. One of these programs was recently highlighted in the local media as a way to assist those providing direct care for residents living with progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Embodied…

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W.I.S.E. Partnership with Harley School in the News

A great intergenerational program connecting local sixth grade students and independent living residents from St. John’s was recently highlighted in the local news. W.I.S.E. (Working Together: Student/Senior Intergenerational Exchange) started at the Harley School in Brighton this fall. St. John’s residents have enjoyed travelling to the school each Tuesday afternoon to interact with students and…

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St. John’s Highlights National Nurses Week

May 6- 12 is designated as National Nurses Week to highlight and recognize the important profession of nursing. Nurses provide an imperative role at St. John’s with our residents and other staff members. Recognizing both our residents who are former nurses and our nursing department, we packed a full week of events for relaxation and…

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St. John’s Social Worker’s Fast Start Earns Headlines

Page 2 of this week’s Rochester Business Journal features the story of St. John’s Social Work Clinical Coordinator Danielle Guillemette. Danielle– who has been with St. John’s for two years– was chosen as a “Fast Start” young professional. The article details her unique path after graduating from Roberts Wesleyan College. Danielle’s professional career began with…

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Veterans Program with St. John’s Connections Featured Nationally

“I was drafted at age 18 in 1944. When I got the draft notice, I had to report to Madison Square Garden.” Harold Schwartz– resident at St. John’s Meadows– certainly fit the profile of an ideal participant in Dialogues on War, a program that took shape in 2018 featuring St. John’s Fisher College students leading…

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St. John’s Celebrates Social Work Month

March is National Professional Social Work Month. The designation was formalized in 1984 as “an opportunity for social workers around the world and their supporters to educate the public about the invaluable contributions of the profession,” according to the National Association of Social Workers. Social work professionals have always played a critical role in the…

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The Beat Carries On: Now We Drum Group Garners Media

What once started out as a small percussion ensemble in 2016 is now garnering the attention of not only numerous residents and family members, but also local media. Led by therapeutic recreation specialists, Ed Keegan and Alicia Montalvo, the group is known as Now We Drum! and has consistently grown throughout the years. Every Friday…

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Lots of Love for 4th Annual Date Night Event

The Therapeutic Recreation team at St. John’s Home continues to outdo themselves by putting on meaningful events for the residents they serve.  This year’s edition of Date Night– a favorite of residents and their loved ones– was another example of how the team’s hard work and creativity generated a truly unique, meaningful experience. “We’ve always loved Valentine’s…

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St. John’s Spiritual Care in the Spotlight

The focus is on the unique way spiritual care services is delivered at St. John’s in a new article on Long Term Care News. The piece describes how small services occur in households throughout St. John’s Home and how that philosophy aligns with the innovative Small Homes movement that brings care and support services to nursing home residents in…

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St. John’s Rehabilitation Director Talks Industry Refocus

St. John’s Rehabilitation Director Matthew Rossman was highlighted on industry website McKnight’s Long-Term Care with his unique views on the current state of rehab services offered at skilled nursing facilities in New York State. Rossman– who has worked with older adults as a physical therapist for over 15 years– brought an interesting perspective on how therapies are and should…

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