Frequently Asked Questions

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Brickstone by St. John's

What services are offered at Brickstone by St. John's?

As part of a St. John’s spectrum of service offerings, residents of Brickstone senior housing community have access to a continuum of quality health care services. St. John’s offers a vibrant, interactive retirement community that believes in growing and living meaningful relationships, and values life at each stage of the journey.

How long has Brickstone by St. John's been open?

Brickstone by St. John’s welcomed its first residents to the bungalows in the spring of 2012. Apartments and Townhouses were completed by the end of 2013, with residents moving to their new homes in January of 2014. Construction of the Village Square is also complete, with retail space available. The Wintergarden is now a main hub of activities and programs for both Brickstone and the neighboring St. John’s Meadows.

How many residences Brickstone by St. John's include?

Brickstone offers 102 choices of one- and two-story living options – 40 apartments, 9 townhouses, and 53 bungalows. Brickstone’s interiors include upscale design features and finishes, which are often extras in other senior living communities.

How was Brickstone by St. John's named?

The Town of Brighton, in which Brickstone is located, once had a vibrant brick-making industry. The name was selected with input from potential and current St. John’s residents, staff, and members of the Brighton community.

What is Brickstone by St. John's?

Brickstone by St. John’s is a contemporary senior living option that is distinctly different from others in Rochester. Designed on the principles of new urbanism, Brickstone invites you to embrace a lifestyle that blends the best of urban and suburban living. Brickstone offers a natural connectedness for today’s active senior that is often missing from “gated” retirement communities. Brickstone’s 30 acres include housing choices with optional services, a pedestrian network surrounded by the beauty of wetlands and ponds, and the convenience of on-site retailers. Brickstone’s Village Square featuring a restaurant and meeting spaces open to the greater community, is a vital hub of activity, fostering relationships between residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

St. John's Home

Do residents have a choice of food at each meal? Are special meals prepared for patients on therapeutic diets?

Yes, daily menus offer many choices for residents. St. John’s Food Service staff and dietitians strive to meet the special diet needs of residents while keeping their personal preferences a priority. Staff provides on-going nutritional assessment and counseling for residents. Activities and events provide additional opportunities for residents to socialize, make choices, and enjoy varied meals.

How can my loved one pay for care at St. John's Home?

St. John’s accepts private payment, health insurance, long term care insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Our Welcome Center and Business Office teams can assist you in determining your financial options. For more information, our Cost Sheet may be a good reference.

Is St. John's affiliated with any particular religion?

St. John’s was founded in 1899 by the German-American community in the Protestant tradition. Today, St. John’s is interdenominational, embracing residents of all faiths.

Is St. John's nursing staff adequate to meet residents' needs? Are there physicians on staff?

All of our resident neighborhoods are managed by registered nurses. The nurse manager in each neighborhood leads a team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and neighborhood coordinator. St. John’s Home has a medical team staffed with full-time physicians and nurse practitioners. Specialists are also available for residents’ podiatry, dermatology, opthalmology, psychiatry and dentistry needs.

What kind of recreational activities does St. John's offer its residents? How do we find out about them?

Exciting events and activities are always happening throughout St. John’s Home. Family members and visitors are welcome to join in concerts, parties, outings, and all other activities with loved ones. Pet, art, and music therapy as well as intergenerational activities are regularly scheduled. A full events calendar for St. John’s Home is available here.

St. John's Meadows

Are garages available?

Cottage residents have their own garage at no additional expense. There are also garages available for rent on campus, as well as free open spaces for parking.

Are pets welcome at St. John's Meadows?

Yes, pets are welcome in most areas. register your pet here.

Do residents need to go outdoors to reach the dining areas and activities?

From the cottages, only. All Chestnut Court, Briarwood, and Hawthorne apartments are connected to the common spaces and to each other through an enclosed walkway. To review St. John’s Meadows campus layout, access the map here.

Is computer/Internet access available?

Each apartment and cottage has several phone and cable outlets. Many residents have dial-up service or high-speed Internet access.There is also a computer center in Chestnut Court, which all residents are welcome to use. There is limited Wi-fi access throughout the facility in common spaces.

Is there a minimum age requirement for St. John's Meadows?

The minimum age requirement is 55.

Is there an entrance fee at St. John's Meadows?

No. Meadows residents simply make a security deposit and pay monthly rent. For more information, access the Rate Sheet here.

What about gardening?

Residents are welcome to garden at the cottages. Apartment residents with patios or balconies are welcome to container-garden.

Does St. John's have a church affiliation?

St. John’s Meadows is non-denominational. There is a part-time Spiritual Life Coordinator on staff at St. John’s Meadows and a volunteer spiritual life committee, which schedules non-denominational church services monthly.

Penfield Green House Homes

What is the cost?

Private pay rates at the St. John’s Penfield Green House Homes are comparable to our long-term care daily costs at 150 Highland Avenue. For more information, our Rate Sheet may be a good reference.

Who can live at St. John's Green House Homes?

Anyone who needs long term skilled nursing care is a candidate to apply to live at St. John’s Penfield Green House Homes.At St. John’s we believe that Residents live as part of a “family” in the community while still benefiting from the full range of clinical services provided by St. John’s. Our Questions to Ask reference sheet may be a helpful resource.

What about meals?

Meal time is meaningful and honors the lives of those who live in the home. Menu planning, shopping, and cooking is an experience that is shared by the residents, Shahbazim, dietary staff, and the clinical support team. Residents, their family members, friends, and care giving staff share meals together around a large dining table, recreating the traditional family meal. If they are willing and able, residents can cook meals and prepare desserts or snacks. Even those residents who are living with severe disabilities can experience and participate in a high quality of life.

How will I get the care I need?

With the support and guidance of the New York State Department of Health, St. John’s was the first in the nation to bring residents back to their hometowns, to live in homes, within a suburban Greater Rochester community. This is a model of care that utilizes highly trained employees who have skills in assisting with personal care, culinary arts, and household management. They are called Shahbazim, a Persian word meaning, “royal falcon.” Shahbazim sustain, nurture, and protect the life of those who live in the St. John’s Penfield Green House Homes.

Who else works in St. John's Penfield Homes?

The Shahbazim are supported by an LPN 24 hours a day. An RN supports clinical needs in the homes 8 hours/day, 7 days/week. A guide supports the team dynamics while serving as the administrator of the homes. Green house homes result in more engaged residents and employees. The household team helps hire, shares in the performance evaluation process, and supports meaningful activities at all times of the day.

How do I apply?

Our application is accessible online or you may schedule a tour here. If you would like to connect with us by phone, call 585-760-1300 to reach a member of our Welcome Center team.