Mental Wellness: Important at Any Age

Mental wellness is an essential part of living a healthy life. At St. John’s, we focus on making social and mental wellness programs accessible to all.

As discussed in an episode of the WXXI News program Connections with Evan Dawson filmed at St. John’s Home, isolation among the older adult community can lead to poor mental health. Poor mental health has been linked to worsened cases of already present health issues. However, choosing to take part in daily social recreation activities can result in a stronger mind, body, and overall health.

St. John’s is Here to Help

St. John’s campuses are filled with vibrant communities and various social recreation opportunities — from yoga and meditation to art and music — there is something for everyone and their mental health goals.

Programs offered:

  • Crafts and Conversations (St. John’s Meadows) – A biweekly program that combines the relaxation of crafting with socialization
  • Wellness Talks with Steve (Brickstone by St. John’s) – One of the many programs led by St. John’s Wellness Specialist Steve Gardner that provides a space to ask questions and discuss all things wellness
  • Now We Drum (St. John’s Home) – This monthly program is the perfect opportunity for residents to listen to their favorite music, take part in gentle exercise, and visit with friends.
  • Live Music – Local musicians visit each of our communities at least once a week, sharing the gift of music.
  • Faith Services – Catholic mass, meditations, ecumenical services, and other services are held at least once a week to provide comfort to all of our residents.
  • Resident-led Programs – Activities like knitting, drawing, and walking the Highland Park trails — all led by residents with shared interests

And many, many more!

We know how important the power of connection is and the impact social engagement has on a person’s mental well-being, so St. John’s team of social workers and elder advocates are here to support each of our residents.



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