St. John’s Fitness Program Strengthens the Community

We have been talking for a while about the comprehensive fitness program– led by wellness specialist Steve Gardner— independent and enhanced assisted living residents have enjoyed over the past several months. This morning, Sam Carter from 13WHAM and Fox Rochester helped us show off some of the unique aspects of the program that have made it so popular (and beneficial).

Watch all three segments from June 1, 2022 “Good Day Rochester” with Sam Carter at Brickstone by St. John’s

Gardner led a group of residents in demonstrating tai chi, chair exercise, and personal exercise equipment during Carter’s time at St. John’s, giving real examples of how staying fit can help older adults with “strength, muscle coordination, balance, circulation, and cognitive abilities.”

“I had lost a lot of my physical strength with age,” Brickstone resident Bruce Baker told Carter about his physical condition prior to taking on the program. “When I started here I had no idea that, a year later, I’d be doing . . . we’d all be doing what we’re doing now. It’s just unbelievable.”

From left to right: Resident Nancy Baker, 13 WHAM’s Sam Carter, resident Bruce Baker, and St. John’s Wellness Specialist Steve Gardner in Brickstone’s Boathouse Fitness Center

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