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Eden creates opportunities to continue to grow.

St. John's Home:
An Eden Home

At St. John's, we have embarked on a journey to transform St. John's Home into an Eden Alternative Home. As an Eden home, St. John's Home fosters companionship, balances giving and receiving care, and offers variety and spontaneity in daily life. At St. John's Home, every day we are finding ways to nourish the spirit as well as the body, to fight loneliness and boredom, and to provide opportunities for residents to continue growing all through their lives. St. John's Home is one of only two registered Eden homes in Rochester, New York.

Eden fills the lives of residents with plants, animals and children.

Living Eden at St. John's Home

In 2004, we revisited and renewed our mission statement in the context of the Eden principles. At St. John's senior communities, Eden fills the lives of residents with plants, animals, and children.

Or, simply visit our calendar of events--there is always something new to do at St. John's. At St. John's, our Eden values, kindness, appreciation, respect, integrity, and thriving spirit are wrapped around and woven through all we do. To see Eden in action, stop in and visit St. John's. Talk to residents or staff, or take a stroll with us through our courtyards. We predict that you will feel a lift after your visit. You will see the results of caring people taking pride in their home and finding joy in those around them. This is Eden at St. John's.

St. John's Senior Communities

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