Gift Shop

Located on the ground floor of St. John’s Home, the Gift Shop is currently open Monday through Friday between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Gift Shop Offerings

Candy and Sweets shelfA variety of small gifts and snacks, including everyday gift items, seasonal gifts, cards, balloons, accessories, scarves, clothing, jewelry and snacks, and much more are available for purchase at amazing prices! Call Sandy Ferguson at 585-760-1293 to inquire about our current inventory.

St. John’s Logo Store

Visit our online logo store for branded and apparel items.

Personalized Shopping Service

If a family member or friend wants to send a special gift item to a St. John’s Home resident, orders can be placed by calling Sandy Ferguson at 585-760-1293.

Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers may be purchased at the gift shop by calling the volunteer coordinator at 585-760-1293 . Flowers are also customarily on display/for sale in the lobby of St. John’s Home. COVID-19 restrictions have limited availability; however, flowers are currently made available for holidays and special occasions.

Flowers Easter pins