Keeping Residents Active, Healthy, and Happy

At St. John’s Home, activities play a major role in helping our residents embrace living by allowing them to continue to learn and grow. We recognize the wisdom of our residents and what we can learn from them—as well as what they can continue to learn from each other—when we all build meaningful relationships. Our activities are designed to foster these relationships and to stimulate our residents’ growth and sense of purpose.

Our elders can share their talents, such as gardening, baking, storytelling, needlecraft, and art, by connecting with staff, volunteers, and one another in a positive, nurturing environment. For others who prefer quiet times of reflection, St. John’s Home offers opportunities for them as well. 

Our therapeutic recreation staff is always leading activities that encourage elders to live and grow, all supported by St. John’s other staff, as well as hundreds of hundreds of volunteers.

Understanding the Power of Faith

Rooted in a Lutheran heritage, St. John’s has been providing spiritual counsel for a variety of faiths for decades. Our staff of spiritual care professionals makes it easy for your loved one to continue observing their faith in their new home. We also have regular participation from various faith community members from throughout the Rochester area who visit and provide even more spiritual support.

If you would like to speak with one of our chaplains or have questions about how we support your loved one’s spiritual life, feel free to contact the leader of our Spiritual Life Team, Sarah Culp. You can call 585-760-2634 or email her: sculp@stjohnsliving.org.

St. john’s Home

I visited during the laughter yoga session and wanted to say how impressed I was with this fun event and the effect it had on my mom. I haven't seen her laugh for a long time. I wasn't sure about this at first, but then I could feel the innate laughter myself. We are also impressed with every aspect of her welcome and care there, everyone’s doing a fantastic job. Thank you! Debbie, Family Member

I love seeing my mom smiling and enjoying all the great activities and events St. John's offers her! Thank you to the great staff! Michele, family member

Enriching Lives with Visiting Pets

It’s no secret that animals help people of any age enjoy a sense of warmth, comfort, and contentment. St. John’s Visiting Pets Program was established more than a decade ago to help elders continue a connection with a pet they may have had before coming to St. John’s, or to create a new relationship.

Guidelines and Pet Registration Form

If you own a pet and would like to help bring joy to the lives of our elders, contact Volunteer Services at 585-760-1293 or Therapeutic Recreation at 585-760-1292.

We also recommend that you download our Visiting Pet Registration Form, which includes guidelines St. John’s developed in accordance with the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Long-Term Care Services. You can return completed forms to the Therapeutic Recreation Department at St. John’s Home by mail, in person, or by email: TR@stjohnsliving.org 

Other Suggested Guidelines

  • Please update the Animal Authorization Registration Form annually.
  • Pets should be able to respond to owner’s commands, i.e., come, stay, heel.
  • Pets should be screened to determine predictability in certain situations.
  • Pets should have proper exercise and time out from elders.