The St. John’s Small Homes Journey

Nearly 15 years ago St. John’s leadership began discussing a concept that would eventually, and drastically, change how long-term care is delivered in the Rochester area.  This movement was based on the philosophy that older adults deserve to live in spaces where they can thrive as individuals.

At the time, the traditional model of nursing home care was in no way conducive to addressing the individuality of its residents. However, an emerging national movement was helping spur a new trend towards smaller, more resident-focused long-term care spaces. St. John’s was inspired by this new movement. In 2011 it made history by opening the first Green House Homes in America located in a suburban setting and outside of a traditional nursing home/health center campus.

Soon after the success of the Green House Homes in nearby Penfield, New York, St. John’s pledged to make St. John’s Home– a legacy nursing home built decades before under the traditional model– a more desirable destination for the new type of long-term care resident wishing to reside in smaller, more personal settings.  After years of planning, the “Small Homes” initiative began to take shape at the 150 Highland Avenue, Rochester campus. This transformation continues today.

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The St. John’s Small Homes initiative demonstrates what can be done when an organization decides it is possible to take a nursing home built over a half century ago within the confines of the old, tired medical model of senior care and transform it into several distinct, neighborhood homes that reflect the people who live there. Now, in the words of the brave leaders who helped craft our journey towards a better type of nursing home, we are proud to tell our unique story from the beginning. Read our newly published case study entitled The Small Homes Journey.

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