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Rochester NY Eden Alternative Living

Elder reading with skilled nursing staff at St. John's Home in Rochester NY
Rochester NY Eden Alternative Nursing Home

St. John's Home was the first registered Eden Alternative long term care community located in beautiful Rochester, New York. We have been a leader and innovator in long term care for decades, most recently beginning to implement the small homes model. We continually strive to embrace living with vibrant, caring, life-affirming relationships. It has been St. John's mission for more than 100 years.

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People gather at the dining table Greenhouse Project Home at St. John's

The Green House® Project

Today we offer innovative skilled nursing home options for the future of long term care with The Green House® Project. St. John's Home is located in Rochester, NY and offers many levels of quality care to match the unique needs of each individual.

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 St. John's Home Premier Senior Services

Elder engaging with skilled nursing staff at St. John's Home in Rochester, NY
Eden Philosophy - Life Affirming Relationships

The Eden Philosophy

At St. John's Home, we embrace the Eden philosophy in caring for our elders. Central to senior living at St. John's Home is the Eden Alternative mission to nurture life with vibrant, caring, life-affirming relationships and to create a resident-centered community.