Blue Man Group Musicians Visit St. John’s Home

blue man

Blue Man Group will put on the final show of their most recent stint here in Rochester tonight at the Auditorium Theater. But yesterday, members of the world famous musical tour group took part in a special afternoon performance. Four of the touring musicians from the show joined members of the Percussion Ensemble at St. John’s Home for a lively jam session.


Blue Man Group was invited to St. John’s Home in hopes that they could provide some tips to the Percussion Ensemble ahead of their upcoming concert next month. The four musicians did exactly that, spending over an hour performing with and instructing elders. They also provided some great background information about Blue Man Group, and even shared some secrets of the popular stage show.

“They were fantastic,” said St. John’s elder Buster Sofia, who saw the Blue Man Group show in person a few years ago in New York City. “What a great bunch of guys.”

Anthony Riscica was one of the four performers who shared their time and talents with elders here at St. John’s Home. This fall, Anthony plans on heading back to school at New York University to study Music Therapy.

Learn more about Anthony’s thoughts on the universal power of music by reading about the musician’s visit to St. John’s Home in the Democrat and Chronicle. Be sure to check out the video below of an improv jam starring the musicians from Blue Man Group and St. John’s Home!

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