Everyone Can Give Something

“This world is such a beautiful place. I can’t say that for everyone, but at here at St. John’s, the people are great.” -Garland Cummings, St. John’s Home Resident

Everyone can give something. That is the motto the newly formed St. John’s Home volunteer group agrees upon. The group came together in hopes of giving back to fellow residents along with their local community. Their first group project involved a companion visitation with other residents. Volunteers visited The Garden Factory and bought houseplant flower pots, which they recently gave to residents around St. John’s Home.

 Group members paired with staff members before making their way to their respected neighborhoods, each carrying multiple plants. “Their eyes just lit right up,” states St. John’s Home resident Sherry Bentley. “It was like bringing them a friend.” All in all, the group agreed that just seeing other residents smile made their day complete. “The whole thing is about doing things for other people,” Garland Cummings says.

Throughout the year, residents will continue to give back to their local community by partnering with organizations such as Lollypop Farm, Golisano Children’s Hospital, Crisis Nursery, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more. The group generally meets twice monthly and anyone is welcome to join. For more information contact Tracy at 760-1434.

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