Notes from Nate: Milestone Experiences Across the Generations

This spring has seen some pretty momentous events in Rochester. Even though our Western New York clouds hung around, the community of St. John’s still came together in celebration of the total eclipse of the sun on April 8Residents, families, friends, and volunteers all gathered as a community to pause and experience nature in our beautiful ground floor and courtyard. 

As the temperature plummeted and the clouds eerily glowed before darkness, the 360-degree sunset enthralled all and we bore witness to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

However, truth be told, it was NOT a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of the residents at St. John’s. With 99 years between total solar eclipses in Rochester, we were proud to have numerous centenarians for whom this was a repeat experience. Although the cycles of nature can be long to perception, the life experiences and wisdom of elders stand as a strong beacon to what can be learned over time.  

That same wisdom is not always tied to 99-year cycles. The graceful insight into life can be shared in much smaller moments as well. 

Just this month, the Lilac Festival, which happens much more regularly than a cosmic eclipse, served as a brilliant time for staff members to spend more face time with the elders. Staff members form across St. John’s Home helped residents navigate the festival and enjoy some fried festival food. As it is with every festival year, this beloved tradition lived on through the sharing of laughter, stories, memories, and experiences. Highland Park, with its beautiful bounty remains an important focal point of intergenerational learning.

Later this year, 2024 will bring us yet another milestone to share — you will be hearing more about it throughout the summer and fall. This year St. John’s celebrates our 125th anniversary! From St. John’s founding in 1899 to our continued growth and evolution over the last 125 years, St. John’s marches onwards in its mission to embrace life. A mission carried out with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships. 

While this particular celebration will be guaranteed as a once-in-a-lifetime event for all of us, we know that the sharing and learning among every one of us will continue long after the celebration. May we remain open to all that there is to gain and experience together!

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