Bright Spot: Therapeutic Recreation Month at St. John’s

St. John’s Meadows had a recent feature in 13WHAM’s Bright Spot that emphasizes the importance of therapeutic recreation in independent living communities.

“This is the best when they have these [programs] and organize them,” resident Barbara Glickman told 13WHAM. “You’re with a group, with different people, you socialize. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place.”

Barbara was one of 12 residents taking part in a Valentine’s Day-themed floral arrangement class organized by the therapeutic and social recreation team.

St. John’s Meadows Social Recreation Manager Kim Bidleman said, “We offer a lot of programs that can suit a lot of our residents’ needs.” Bidleman, who is in charge of compiling and planning monthly activities for the residents also added, “It is important to have engaging programs, at any age really, but especially in independent living.”

Janice Proctor, another St. John’s Meadows resident said that “there is always something to do here.” Janice is an avid attendee of the many therapeutic recreation programs offered at St. John’s, including Crafts and Conversations, Beading with Kim, and more. “It keeps my mind engaged and alert.”

Watch 13WHAM’s Bright Spot: “St. John’s Meadows residents get crafty.”

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