‘Good Day Rochester’ Tours Meadows Recreation Options

Reporter Sam Carter and Good Day Rochester returned to St. John’s on Thursday, March 16. During several televised segments throughout the morning, a few of the unique programs and activities offered at St. John’s Meadows were at the forefront.

Independent living residents and social recreation staff at St. John’s Meadows were featured on the morning show airing on 13WHAM and Fox Rochester showing off some of the activities and physical spaces that set the community apart from others throughout the Rochester area.

“This is my favorite activity,” said St. John’s Meadows resident Pat Corcoran as she played aquatic volleyball with Sam and her neighbors. “It’s like living on a cruise ship. We have tons of activities, but this one is my favorite. We look forward to it every week.”

The segments that aired on March 16 included:

  •        A competitive game of aquatic volleyball in the St. John’s Meadows pool.
  •        A corn hole competition featuring St. John’s residents, staff, and Sam Carter.
  •        A discussion with St. John’s Meadows Social Recreation Manager Kim Bidleman on the unique programming offered around the Meadows campus.
  •        An Aquatic Strength Training class led by St. John’s Meadows Wellness Specialist Steve Gardner in the pool.
  •        A stroll through the St. John’s Meadows Art Gallery, an exhibit that rotates several times a year and features artwork created by residents like Natalie Schwartz.

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“It’s all resident-run?” Sam Carter asked Kim Bidleman as the two stood in the new Briarwood Market, a convenience store that volunteer coordinator Jaimie Cullinan staffs with a dozen residents who are eager to contribute their time.

“5 days a week from 12:00 until 4:00 p.m., it’s all resident-run,” said Bidleman.

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“Each week we work on muscle strength and coordination and different aspects of where your body is in space,” said Steve Gardner as he explained to Sam Carter and viewers at home the benefits of aquatic exercise. “These ladies have been at it about two years now and there has been marked improvement in their strength and balance.”

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