St. John’s Spiritual Care in the Spotlight

The focus is on the unique way spiritual care services is delivered at St. John’s in a new article on Long Term Care News. The piece describes how small services occur in households throughout St. John’s Home and how that philosophy aligns with the innovative Small Homes movement that brings care and support services to nursing home residents in a more intimate fashion.

“On any given day at St. John’s Home in Rochester, New York, there are several opportunities—some of them planned, others happening spontaneously—for residents to continue practicing their faith. The look-and-feel of each particular service has less to do with what denomination a person identifies with and more to do with the neighborhood they live on. ‘We each have our own relationships with the residents and the households in which they live,” explains Rev. Sarah Culp, spiritual care practice partner at St. John’s. “Each individual service is a reflection of that relationship.’”

You can read the full article, “Making Spiritual Care More Accessible for Nursing Home Residents”, by clicking here.

Click here to meet the St. John’s Spiritual Care team.

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