Passover Seder: A Meaningful Tradition

Written by: Reva Sipser, a St. John’s Meadows resident

“For many years, St. John’s has offered a magnificent Passover Seder to its residents, their families, and friends. This year was no exception. Rituals were properly, yet humorously explained by out leader, David Orange. Table decorations were prepared beautifully, while the food was served by our wonderful dining services staff. Sixty-five guests in attendance enjoyed wonderful feelings of: sharing, respect, and fellowship while delighting in savory food. I truly feel blessed to be living at St. John’s and able to participate in this meaningful tradition.”

A lifelong writer and former educator, Reva has blogged for St. John’s several times. Her writings are optimistic and inspirational and embody her zest for life. She finds joy in the little things – a winter day, holiday tree trimming, and “having young people around.”

Reva also participates in a multitude of wellness and learning opportunities. She has completed Sociology of Aging, an upper-level St. John Fisher College course held on the campus of St. John’s Meadows.  In addition to exercise of the mind, she also stays socially and physically active through walking, swimming, Chi Gong classes, outings and trips. She recently traveled to Iceland with her granddaughter.

“Every day I feel so blessed to be here at St. John’s Meadows, to partake in the many activities and to keep making new friends.  Coming to St. John’s Meadows is the best move I ever made.”




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