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Overview of Activities

Planned Physical Activity at St John's
Planned Physical Activity

At St. John’s we encourage residents to do what they have always loved doing, whether it is gardening, playing an instrument, teaching, volunteering, walking, biking, writing, or dancing – whatever it may be that helps them embrace living each day. To encourage this, St. John’s offers endless opportunities to take part in planned activities that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Variety of Activities at St. John's
Activities for Similar Interests

Seniors here celebrate, share, volunteer, meditate, recreate and support one another in a variety of positive uplifting ways.  We also encourage and enable people with similar interests to initiate their own activities that are purposeful and engaging.

Scheduled Trips at St. John's
Scheduled Trips

Living at St. John’s, you will find many opportunities for trips and outings, dance and singing groups, variety shows, Tai Chi/Qui Gong classes, art galleries, playing cards, gardening, concerts and entertainment, social gatherings, coffeehouse discussions, educational seminars, cookouts, cocktail hours, spiritual services of all faiths, and much more to fill your days.

Life Long Learning at St. John's
Life Long Learning

At St. John’s, activities are an extension of the Eden Alternative philosophy that encourages people to learn and grow continuously throughout their lives. We recognize the wisdom and experience that comes with age and often bring together seniors, educators, and the greater Rochester community for intergenerational learning experiences. 

Nurturing Life and Nature at St. John's
Nurturing Life and Nature

We believe in lifelong learning and growth. At St. John’s, we strive to create an elder-centered community, committed to creating a human habitat, where activities provide opportunities to build and grow relationships.

For a taste of what life at St. John's has to offer, join us for one of our upcoming events.

To learn more about activities at St. John’s, schedule a visit.