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Brickstone is unlike any other retirement or senior living community in Rochester, NY. Living at Brickstone will take you back to when you knew everybody on your street. Remember when people sat out front and talked to folks walking by? When the store was just up the street? The café just around the corner? The pond a short stroll away?

The Brickstone campus offers senior living choices of 40 apartments, 9 townhomes, and 53 bungalows. Interiors include distinctive design features and finishes often extra in other senior living or retirement communities. If you're ready for a change of pace, a change of scenery, and an altogether different kind of retirement community living experience, get in touch today.

Contemporary Independent Living for Seniors

Remember when people gathered in the square to watch a concert, have a picnic, or just a quiet chat? You can relive the experience again at Brickstone by St. John's. At Brickstone, we took the good from the good old days and designed it into what we believe will be the good new days.

We see Brickstone as a vibrant, open living community for independent seniors. The only way you will get a sense of this unique offering, is to see it for yourself!      

Call Dawn Rivera today at (585) 271-1000 or email her at .

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