Anita Spoor’s Story

“I wanted a place that I could thrive in an active environment.”

Anita Spoor moved into Brickstone by St. John’s a little over five months ago, but within this short time she has managed to start a weekly fitness class that tends to get a pretty good turnout. Her class, Music and Movement, brings together upbeat music with aerobics and lightweight strength and resistance training. The class can be done standing or sitting.

“I often witness what inactivity can do to the body and I wanted to be a model and a helper to people to remain active and vibrant,” says Spoor.

And, Spoor truly has been able to witness the benefits of physical activity. She says her whole life has always involved fitness. “I am an authority on health and wellness, and I have always valued fitness and the long-term benefits of staying active and healthy.”

Her professional journey in the field of health and wellness started when her children were in school. She says she was able to attend fitness classes and then obtain training to become an instructor and a personal trainer. She received her master’s of public administration for health from SUNY Brockport.

“I participated in wellness symposiums at the Wellness Center in Stevens Point, Wisconsin,” says Spoor. “And I trained at the National Aerobic Center in Dallas, Texas. I was teaching classes all over the city of Rochester and beyond.”

Her extensive work in the field landed her a managerial position at Strong Memorial Hospital, overseeing the fitness center for staff and their families. “During my tenure we had 2,100 members and participation from staff of approximately 500 people per day,” she says.

The fitness center kept her busy for years as she ran a variety of programs including volleyball, basketball, and aerobic classes, as well as a weight center. In the summer, Spoor would lead a children’s fitness camp while managing baseball leagues.

After years of dedication, Spoor retired and says she knew it was time to find a new home, but not change her active lifestyle. “I moved to St. John’s because of my age and the fact that my children do not live near Rochester,” Spoor says, “I wanted a place that I could thrive in an active environment and have a place for myself in case of future health needs.”

“I also wanted to participate in assisting other seniors to maintain and achieve fitness and keep up their active lifestyle,” she adds.

Spoor says this is why she initiated her Music and Movement class. “I sincerely enjoy teaching here at St. John’s and I really have enjoyed meeting and teaching fellow members of our community. That is the reason that I initiated my class at St. John’s to assist other residents and also to be a vehicle for me to meet other St. John’s members,” says Spoor.

During her class you can hear Spoor encouraging residents to go at their own pace and to do what feels right for their bodies, as well as reminding them to smile. “I encourage people to give my class a try and make fitness a habit in the lives.”

Music and Movement with Anita Spoor takes place every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in the Wintergarden at Brickstone by St. John’s.