Resident Shares Aging Advice with Huffington Post

Jackie Stricker, who turns 101 later this month, tries not to stress about too much. “I don’t worry about anything anymore, other than getting sick,” she says.

The centenarian was the oldest of three girls and unfortunately, neither of her younger sisters lived past 50. They both died of cancer at young ages. Jackie herself is a cancer survivor and has been living with one kidney for 35 years.

As many of us strive to do, Jackie has gained a more positive outlook on life over the years. “Sometimes people don’t like you, and there’s really nothing you can do about it,” said Jackie Stricker in an interview with Huffington Post.

Jackie, who has been living independently at St. John’s Meadows resident since 2005, was featured in the publication’s latest aging advice article, “People Over 80 Reveal the Worries They Regret Having When They Were Young,” which asked older adults what they wish they would have “let go of sooner.”

“I suppose it mattered to me what people thought about me,” said Jackie when explaining what she worried about during her teenaged years.

She outgrew this worry and told Huffington Post that there is no need to concern yourself with what others think, particularly if you do not consider the person a loved one or friend.

Jackie said that there is no controlling what others think so she chooses to “not worry about it.”

Simple, yet wise advice from which we all could benefit.

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