St. John’s Staff and Residents Have Front Row Seats to the Eclipse

St. John’s Home was host to an epic once-in-a-lifetime party celebrating the total solar eclipse. The party was even featured in local media coverage by News 8 WROC.


St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Services Nate Sweeney told News 8 that he was honored “to share in this experience with the elders — together with family members that are visiting as well as staff coming together to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment in Rochester.”

The news station praised St. John’s Home for making the party fun and “inclusive for everyone.” St. John’s Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Lesinski said, “We always talk about joy in all of the moments we create here.”

“That is the number one goal,” said Lesinski, “that everyone experiences joy, awe, and wonder from this experience at St. John’s.”

Joy was surely all around at the party. Many residents said that viewing the eclipse was a “spiritual moment.”

One resident, Muriel Herpich, said that she was “happy to have St. John’s family around,” for the special moment.

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