Celebrating St. John’s Centenarians

The 2024 Centenarian Celebration and Luncheon at St. John’s Home brought together families and friends to honor our residents who reached the major milestone.

Katie (right) with long-time friend and St. John’s volunteer Patty Patterson

“I have a smile all day,” Katie Nau told 13WHAM when asked about the secret to her longevity. “I sit there happy. I don’t sit there sad.”

Katie, 101, was one of five honorees celebrated at this year’s event. The other centenarians included Betty Krist, 102 years old; Reba Baker, 103; Evalyn Seaver, 104; and Beatrice LaBore, 100, who is the self-proclaimed “baby of the group.”

Watch: 13WHAM’s Centenarian celebration–Residents at St. John’s Home mark milestone birthdays.

Evalyn Seaver and her daughter seen holding a photo of the pair from nearly eight decades ago.

St. John’s President and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Runyon greeted the group of honorees with a kind message saying, “You continue to inspire us all with your century’s worth of wisdom and experiences.”

Each woman received her own personal “Happy Birthday” serenade by musical guest Joe Miltsh, who performed popular songs from the past 100 years. Many of the women happily sang along to Miltsh’s renditions.

The centenarians shared a lovely meal with visiting family and friends. One of the organizers of the event and St. John’s Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Holly Powell told centenarian Betty Krist that “it is another year to celebrate.”

At the end of the lunch the ladies enjoyed birthday cake and sparkling cider. Katie Nau said, “This is just heaven — what a wonderful place to be.”

See more photos from the celebration here.

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