Senior Health and Fitness Day at St. John’s

What types of factors make up a fitness program that is set up to help older adults successfully meet their goals?

Watch Wellness Specialist Steve Gardner and Brickstone residents show off their fitness routines on June 1 Good Day Rochester

For many people, structure is important. So too is simply having access to exercise classes and other wellness equipment, regimens, and resources. Fitness courses should be challenging, but it also helps if they are enjoyable. For some, being a part of a fitness group with other like-minded members makes it easier to stick with over time. Personalization in a fitness program is important as well– allowing for individuals to take from the regimen exactly what they need to remain healthy.

For hundreds of residents living at St. John’s independent living and enhanced assisted living communities, all of those factors play important roles in their own individual wellness routines. Leading the charge over the past year has been wellness specialist Steve Gardner. Gardner runs multiple classes each weekday at St. John’s Meadows, Brickstone by St. John’s, and the Hawthorne.

Gardner demonstrating exercises from Certified Balance and Fall Prevention, an 8-week class for residents

Gardner is also available to give residents who are new and unfamiliar with St. John’s wellness options– including multiple fitness centers, class options, and the pool at St. John’s Meadows– individual tours or consultations that can help make their St. John’s health and wellness experience a success. From Tai Chi and advanced aerobics to pool workouts to strengthen and help with balance, Gardner works with residents to ensure they focus on keeping active in a safe and engaging way.


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