Longtime Volunteer Kathy Majewski Returns to St. John’s Home

As volunteers were welcomed back to St. John’s Home last month, we inch closer to a sense of normalcy. We are so thankful for those that have taken the time to lend a helping hand to our residents and staff. One returning volunteer worth noting is Kathy Majewski.

Kathy is no stranger to St. John’s Home as she has been volunteering in our Gift Shop for about 5 years now. Her daughter, Jennifer Lesinski, who is vice president of marketing at St. John’s, was the one to initially suggest volunteering at St. John’s Home after Kathy had retired.

Kathy had been working as a teacher in the Rochester, NY area at Penfield Village Nursery School & Kindergarten for most of her career. After retirement, she was missing some of the structure her career had brought to her weeks. After picking up a weekly volunteer schedule at St. John’s Home, she “enjoys the routine along with the friendly interactions with both residents and staff.”

The absence of our outside volunteers has been felt throughout St. John’s. During the long year leading up to our doors reopening, employees had stepped up as our own in-house volunteers. Now that outside volunteers are returning, employees can breathe a sense of relief as their load is lightened by those offering up their time to help out.

St. John’s residents and staff are not the only ones feeling the positive impact of the volunteers returning. Kathy mentions how much she missed her volunteer routine and notes that although she helps to better the lives of the residents, they do the same for her.

Kathy is one of the many who have taken the step to get vaccinated in order to protect herself and those around her. Aside from volunteering, Kathy is looking forward to getting back into traveling and making up time with loved ones now that most of her family has also been vaccinated. She is particularly excited to go on her rescheduled trip to Scotland this upcoming year.

Overall, Kathy reminds those interested in volunteering to play into their strengths. She emphasized her love for people, which makes the St. John’s Home Gift Shop the perfect place to get her weekly social fix. “It definitely adds something special to your life. People make me smile just by being here,” she says.

St. John’s Home is thrilled to see new and returning volunteers welcomed into our community; however, we are always looking for additional help. To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here or email us directly at volunteer@stjohnsliving.org.

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