New Tablets Helping Connect Residents and Their Families

Now more than ever, a video chat with a family member or close friend can make a world of difference for long-term care and assisted living residents. As we are now over three weeks into mandatory visitation restrictions at St. John’s Home, Penfield Green House Homes, and the Hawthorne at St. John’s Meadows, maintaining important connections for residents is particularly critical. With so much lost, at least for the time being, sharing a few meaningful moments with a loved one can mean so much.

St. John’s Foundation recognized this need early on and placed an order for over a dozen iPads for use throughout communities affected by these mandatory restrictions. Tablets are used each and every day to connect residents with enthusiastic loved ones. St. John’s social workers, therapeutic recreation team members, and other employees have coordinated  schedules so that each resident can enjoy a virtual visit with a loved one at least once each week.

In addition to providing much needed engagement for residents, video chats offer peace of mind for loved ones on the other end, and you can hear it in their voices as they connect for these often intimate conversations.  Additionally, staff members report that helping assist with these video chats has been the best part of their day during these challenging times in senior care.

Thank you to St. John’s Foundation for utilizing funds through the annual Illumination of Love campaign and providing this incredible tool to help brighten the day of so many people throughout the St. John’s family.

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