Head of Work Life Shares HR Insights

The professional insights of St. John’s Vice President of Work Life Dean Moore were once again featured in a national publication earlier this week. In an article titled “Lean Tools for the Novice” that appears on human resource industry website ISIXSIGMA, Moore shares valuable knowledge for businesses looking to avoid wasting time and resources. You can read his article by clicking here.

“With every process you work with you have two constant challenges – time and money. In any environment you are under pressure to do things faster or cheaper. I’ve spent most of my life chasing time and money, and I now think those things are two sides of the same coin. Time really is money.”

For more of Dean Moore’s insights that are more specific to long-term care and senior housing, check out his column in McKnight’s from earlier this year.

Update:  Another piece featuring Moore’s unique insights on lean learnings– including his introduction to the topic over two decades ago– was recently posted. Read Lean Six Sigma for Poets.


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