National Column Highlights Successful St. John’s Recruitment Practices

Dean Moore

Recruiting and retaining talent has always been a challenging aspect of running a successful long-term care community. St. John’s Human Resources Operations Manager Dean Moore recently shared his insights with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News on how the organization has changed approaches to better cultivate outstanding employees and create a culture that motivates them to remain at St. John’s.

In this McKnight’s piece, Moore describes how this new approach to recruiting talent “reduced human resources costs by 27% and days to hire (the length of the entire hiring process) by a third since last fall.” Borrowing such practices as implementing visual control measures and predicting hiring demand from the manufacturing industry, Moore and his team now look at hiring in new ways that have led to better results in their recruiting efforts.

Additionally, the article describes the St. John’s mindset for retaining a talented workforce. “High employee satisfaction is the linchpin of strong rates of retention,” said Moore. “Providing a workplace culture where employees are encouraged to speak up and where members of management see it as their responsibility to listen, investigate, and respond is integral.”

Read all of the unique insights in Dean Moore’s “How We Applied ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and Found Success” column by clicking here.


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