It’s Never Too Late to Discover Creativity: Celebrating National Assisted Living Week

In honor of National Assisted Living Week’s 2019 theme, A Spark of Creativity, our assisted living residents at Hawthorne have celebrated in style. Creativity manifests in various forms depending on the individual. At St. John’s, we capitalize on that through our diverse programming, not only during events held this week, but all year long. The recent completion of renovations to our enhanced assisted living community has also provided our residents with increased opportunities for unique programs. Ranging from baking, spa nights, and pet therapy, our residents have exercised fully the left side of their brain.

Mary Kay specialists visited our ladies in Hawthorne to pamper them with hand massages, facial masks, and new beauty products. While relaxing, our residents learned about different makeup techniques and creative ways to feel rejuvenated. Our newly revamped multi-purpose room was the perfect setting for an evening of indulgence.

Switching gears mid-week, we had furry visitors shower residents with unconditional love and wet kisses. Bunnies and Miss Parker, the dog, happily allowed our residents to pet and play with them. While bellies were being scratched, natural light poured into the TV room from our attached courtyard. This familiar and comforting interaction with pets left our residents blissfully inspired. Even those residents who might not participate in many activities, are always willing to interact with our favorite Lollypop Farm visitors.

Lastly, our residents had the privilege of baking with a group of students helping from St. John Fisher College. Utilizing the newly renovated multi-purpose room’s large kitchen, residents baked the tastes of the season. With fall quickly approaching our activities are focused on seasonal baking, decor, and savoring locally made donuts and cider. With a lower counter space, the kitchen is modified to fit the mobility needs of assisted living residents to foster active participation. Mouth-watering aromas wafted from the kitchen, while our residents put the final touches on their muffins.

It is never too late to find your niche with creativity. Creative outlets are unique to each individual and our diverse resident population allows for collaboration in new and engaging programming. St. John’s new, modern community spaces also provide the opportune environment for resident events. Kristen Patton, administrator of the Hawthorne, weighs in on the progress: “These renovations are really resident-focused and resident-driven,” she said. Kristin also noted that the new configuration of the common spaces will now push many of the activities and amenities out into more open spaces. “It really makes it all worth it, because they the residents are reaping the benefits.”

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