Hawthorne Renovations Near Completion

The Hawthorne at St. John’s Meadows received a new license in 2018, enabling the community to offer enhanced assisted living services. Since that time, renovations have commenced to bring further physical enhancements around the building. These improvements are nearly complete, following more than a year of construction activity both throughout the interior of the building and in outdoor common spaces.

“We are in really good shape,” said Kristen Patton, program manager at the Hawthorne. “We are in the final stages.” She explains that outside of work on the shower room on the second floor, the finishing touches are now being applied to the project. Already completed aspects of the renovations include a complete overhaul of the foyer and entryway to the building, a complete facelift of the dining room, an expanded activities room with a new kitchen area, and a redecorated t.v. room. Hallways throughout the building have also been modernized as part of the renovations.

According to Patton, each of the enhancements have been planned out to improve the lives of those living at the Hawthorne. “These changes are really resident-focused and resident-driven,” she said, also noting that the new configuration of some of the common spaces will now push many of the activities and amenities out into more open spaces. “It really makes it all worth it, because they (the residents) are reaping the benefits.”

See some of the progress below:

Renovated dining room
New reception area
New open activities area and living room

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