Volunteer Spotlight featuring Jackie Zimmer

“Scoop and serve” is not Jackie Zimmer’s philosophy when it comes to volunteering at St. John’s Home. If you ever find yourself at the ice cream shoppe on a Thursday afternoon, you will see that Jackie is not a “go-through-the-motions” type of individual. Instead she takes the time to get to know elders on a personal level and, not surprisingly, knows most of them by name.

Jackie Zimmer volunteers at the ice cream shop.

As the primary caregiver for her father who had dementia, Jackie has great respect for elders. “They are true, genuine, and share a lot of wisdom,” explains Jackie. “They appreciate the simple things in life; just to have an ice cream is a simple pleasure that they really enjoy.”

Outside of St. John’s Home, Jackie works as a massage therapist and enjoys spending time with her four dachshunds, three of which she has recently adopted. “I love them dearly, but I’ll never have four again,” she laughs. 


Interested in volunteering? Contact Sandy Ferguson, volunteer services coordinator, at 585-760-1293. For more information click here.

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