Beyond Your Years with Luis Martinez

How to Win with Wisdom

Jim is a lifelong sales executive and customer relationship management expert. He has had a successful career in sales management, with extensive experience in manufacturing, computer hardware, telecom, and IT services industries. However, there is more to Jim’s life than working in sales for various companies. Jim has a passion for woodcraft, and has focused on woodturning for over 35 years. He uses the wisdom he garnered in managing sales and meeting customer needs to operate his company, True Creations Woodturning. 

With this business Jim offers private and group woodturning lessons, provides architectural woodturning services, and designs and manufactures a line of wooden tools for fiber artists such as spinners, knitters, and quilters. Jim would tell you that the technical aspects of his business can be taught. But the wisdom of decades of experience in sales management is what makes his company stand out.


Think about your life’s journey. I’m sure you can point to many accomplishments, many achievements – and many realizations. But how can you learn to harness your wisdom and use it to explore exciting opportunities, identify a calling, and arrive at your next destination? Some of my friends have done just that – they have used the wisdom garnered during their successful careers to reach their life’s purpose. Here’s another example.

Herb was a company founder and CEO. He knows all about business plan development, implementation, operations, technology development, sales and marketing, and finance. Herb’s experience includes starting a biotechnology company, for which he acquired capital, built an industry reputation, and eventually sold the business at a profit.

After selling his company he worked for various other enterprises, including a stint where he learned Spanish and traveled through Latin America selling commercial pumps and equipment. But there was something missing in his entrepreneurial spirit. Herb then leveraged his wife’s expertise in elementary school education, combined it with his wisdom about entrepreneurial ventures, and together they raised significant capital to build a state of the art child care facility (DoodleBugs, Victor, NY).

Now think about your own wisdom, the valuable lessons of your life, and what you’ve learned. What can you do with it? Where can you redirect it? When can you start?

You might get some ideas of how to get started on May 19. Pam Sherman, Rochester’s “Suburban Outlaw,” has encouraged people of all ages to follow their dreams. Pam will be the lunchtime keynote speaker with an inspirational message of “Living Life on the EDGE” at St. John’s Embrace Living event. So save the date, May 19, for the one day event featuring Pam and other inspirational speakers. Take a look!

Luis Martinez is a guest blogger for St. John’s. He is an active senior that likes to observe and write about how people work at their careers, guide their businesses, strengthen their families, stay physically fit and mentally sharp, and race their sports cars. Luis habla español. Follow Luis on Twitter @BeyondYourYears, or email

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