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Redefining Long-Term Care with Small Homes

A New Alternative to Home Care

St. John’s continues to lead the way in changing the culture of nursing homes, and the next step in the revolution is renovation. Leadership at St. John’s is acting on its collective vision to build small neighborhoods and small homes that provide a level of personalized attention that never existed using the medical model.

Come see for yourself how St. John’s is helping seniors to embrace living through small homes.

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Small Homes:  By the Numbers

Click on the infographic below to see clinical outcomes that show just how much elders benefit from this new concept in care.  


A Revolution in Elder Care

Small Homes Advantage

In-home service delivery is no longer the only available option to support seniors who desire skilled care with all the comforts of home. St. John’s has created small homes within its 150 Highland skilled care setting that offer the features of at-home living with all the advantages afforded by higher levels of care.

Experience skilled senior care levels beyond in-home service delivery with better life quality for your loved one.

An increased risk of falling or suffering injury related to at-home environmental conditions are among considerations to be weighed when comparing long-term care service options. St. John’s small homes provide a home-like setting that promotes elder mobility within intimate living spaces designed for safety. Our dedicated medical team of doctors, LPNs, and nurse practitioners is available round-the-clock to provide on-demand support.

Comprehensive Care
Lack of individualized care can be a concern for informal caregivers as they consider at-home versus skilled care for their loved ones. At St. John’s we believe that long-term care is best delivered through small homes with increased elder engagement and consistent interaction by dependable, highly skilled caregivers. Under our comprehensive staffing model, dedicated care teams are in place to holistically address elders’ individual needs and desires without the burdens of fragmented and complex role structures. Increased satisfaction levels for both elders and staff result in improved quality of care. 

Social isolation and loneliness are among the risk factors for seniors living at home. Your loved one deserves the opportunity to embrace living in a way that is personally meaningful. Small homes provide close-knit, caring communities where activities are elder-directed and relationships are fostered through increased recognition of all community members.

Seniors living with cognitive and physical challenges can and should be ensured the opportunity to make decisions affecting their quality of life. Small home staffing levels are in place to deliver responsive changes to individual needs. Supporting the choices of each resident is a tenet of the small homes model. Training for comprehensive staff includes specialized methods of fostering freedom of choice for seniors living with Alzheimer’s (and other dementias).

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