Sarah Monthany’s Story

Choosing a nursing home can be an emotional and difficult decision. For Sarah Monthany the choice was made simple by touring and her observing an exhilarating St. John’s activity, “Now We Drum.” “Throughout the chords of my life I have always heard different genres of music that played upon the strings of my heart, mind, soul, and spirit,” says Sarah. She believes the melodic notes encourage her that life is worth living and pursuing creative outlets. Her first few steps into St. John’s were accompanied by the songs of “Now We Drum,” vibrating the atmosphere- and the rest was history!

If you find yourself near the auditorium at St. John’s Home on a Friday afternoon, chances are you too will hear the undeniable sounds of hand drums, specifically djembes and congas. Our residents lead the show with an array of other instruments ranging from tambourines and shakers to wooden blocks and bells.

“In my life I had journeyed to many similar places, but instinctively knew St. John’s was special,” Sarah says while smiling. After her tour, Sarah was driving around town with her daughter, Kat, and the idea of living at St. John’s filled her heart with nothing but love. Sarah recalls at this point she knew she wanted no other nursing home but St. John’s. “The songs created by Now We Drum, seemed to be a creative sanctuary. The art created would blow your mind; it was the calling card and easel upon which I wanted my poems to unfold,” explains Sarah. By the end of that day, she had reserved her room on Hastings 2 and was eager to attend her first “Now We Drum” session!

Sarah’s experience after moving in has lived up to her high expectations of life at St. John’s. She notes that meal times have been handled with such individual care and a “loving therapeutic touch.” Sarah enjoys the wide variety of items to choose off the menu, both drinks and food. During meal times when possible the staff eats alongside the residents creating a truly home-like environment.

According to Sarah her experiences have made each day feel special. “I hope and pray I live here for as long as I live; sitting at the tables of laughter and love watching my next door neighbor breaking bread,” says Sarah.