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St. John's Foundation

We are most grateful to all who generously support Foundation activities and initiatives.

Funds raised through St. John’s Foundation allow St. John’s to provide ongoing support for myriad social programs, creative and recreational arts therapy, spiritual and religious programs, concerts by regional and local musicians, and more, that provide joy to our elders in all of our senior communities. Funds raised will be used to enhance the lives of the elders entrusted in our care. 

St. John’s provides high-quality programs and services thanks in part to the generous financial support of a caring community. Funds raised throughout the year will help St. John’s alleviate the burden of the overwhelming expense it takes to deliver services and care to our elders who otherwise cannot afford their ongoing care without government and other private support.

St. John’s has long been a leader in senior living care and services. Your private financial support helps St. John’s inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences. In uncertain economic times, corporate and private support is more vital than ever. It is critical that we move our innovative ideas forward, despite reduced Medicaid funding.

Gifts to St. John’s Foundation will support:

• Creative arts and recreational and social programming including a plethora of concerts and musical performances by local musicians from throughout our community; art exhibitions supporting local artists; art and music therapy inspiring our elders to express their artistic talents; and social programs that encourage our elders to explore the greater community.

• Spiritual and religious programming that meets the needs of all St. John’s communities including worship services for nearly a dozen faith traditions, remembrance services and grief support for the elders throughout our continuum of care, and chaplain support for a diverse cultural and religious community.

• Physical fitness activities including walks, hikes, swim exercise classes, chair exercise and additional activities beyond what can be provided in physical therapy including yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi.