Thinking of your loved one and want to let them know?

While visits are currently prohibited, you are welcome to drop off gifts and treats to your loved ones during this time… flowers, cookies, candy treats, and gifts of any kind are welcome and will be delivered to your loved one right away. You can also call the Foundation to order a celebration gift at any time…a jumbo cupcake, slice of cake, or a tray of cookies can be sent directly to your loved one.

Special pricing is available at this time. Place an order online below, call Celeste Siringo at 585-760-1291, or email For more than one item, please select “other” and indicate the treats desired in the comment box. A portion of the proceeds from your gift will support St. John’s Foundation.

Anne Mc Kenna

Executive Director, St. John’s Foundation

Phone: 585-760-1333

As an out-of-state caregiver, I often can’t be there for those special times like birthdays and holidays. I was thrilled to learn about Celebration Gifts a couple of years ago and have taken full advantage of its personalized service! I love being able to design my own message, and it’s always fun to select from a tantalizing array of baked goods. Thank you, St. John’s, for providing a great way to send my love across the miles! Jana Luckey Thompkins, Resident Family Member