St. John’s Innovative Dementia Services Focus on Joy

Thanks in large part to Mimi DeVinney, joy is at the heart of every dementia care program that is delivered across St. John’s.

“DeVinney works directly with residents living with dementia as well as caregivers and staff to educate them on dementia and how to best care for and communicate with people with dementia,” Caurie Putnam wrote for the Rochester Business Journal when describing DeVinney’s role with St. John’s.

“One such way (DeVinney has helped establish outstanding dementia care)  is via a Joy Plan, which is different than a basic care plan and focuses on the resident as a person and what makes them happy and keeps them engaged,” wrote Putnam. A highlight of DeVinney’s 24 years at St. John’s is co-founding the Beyond Memory Program for long-term care residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The Joy Plan is a key component for setting new residents up for success.

“We get as much information as we can about them when they move in, like what their routines are at home and what kind of music they like,” said DeVinney.

Mimi DeVinney

“Among St. John’s many other programs and initiatives around memory care is the organization’s drop-off respite program at its physical Dementia Resource Center at St. John’s Home, 150 Highland Ave,” added Putnam. “Funded by an Exhale Grant; the free program (which requires registration and pre-qualification) functions as a social club for people with dementia and support for their caregivers.”

“People with dementia need time outside the house and caregivers need time to be able to do things outside of their caregiving role,” DeVinney said. Since its launch in 2020, DeVinney has also contributed to the “Ask Mimi” chat, an interactive caregiver support that allows people caring for loved ones anywhere to submit questions for her to answer.

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