St. John’s Lends Expertise for National Article on Senior Living Moves

The decision to move to a senior housing community and the timing and nuances involved can make for a complicated journey for older adults and their families. A topical article from Silver Century Foundation featured insights from St. John’s Meadows Elder Advocate Hannah De George, along with other nationally recognized aging experts.

“Older adults may resist making a move, even when their adult children feel it’s clearly time,” wrote Mary Jacobs. “Most older adults want to remain in their own homes as long as possible.”

Jacobs acknowledges that when an older adult disagrees with the assessment of family members and others who support them about the need for a move, things can get complicated. De George supports independent living residents and their families in her role at St. John’s Meadows and is experienced in situations when a move to a higher level of care is discussed. “It’s a tricky situation when the older adult is resistive to the move,” she told Jacobs. “No one wants to be told, ‘You can’t live in your own home anymore.'”

As elder advocates, De George and colleague Megan Brown help guide St. John’s independent living residents to the supports that meet their unique needs. According to De George, the key is to navigate sensitive situations with “understanding and compassion.”

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