Women’s History Breakfast Social

St. John’s Meadows resident Marcia Wilke was this month’s speaker for the Meadows Women’s Breakfast. This month’s topic: America’s First Ladies from New York. 

Marcia Wilke

March is observed as Women’s History Month, so Marcia was pleased to spotlight some of the most influential women in American history who were native New Yorkers.

“Some say that the position of First Lady is one of the most difficult unpaid careers,” says Marcia. From the start, first ladies have played a pivotal role in our society. Many have been influential in their husbands’ terms, often imparting change behind the curtains. “I do hope to see a woman president one day,” says Marcia.

Some of the women Marcia discussed included Frances Cleveland (Buffalo), Abigail Fillmore (Stillwater), Barabra Bush, Nancy Reagan, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Eleanor Roosevelt (New York City). Marcia says, “These women were never elected like their husbands, but they worked just as hard — if not more.”

Before retirement, Marcia was a teacher. She earned her degree from SUNY Geneseo and has always loved learning about women’s history.

Marcia moved into St. John’s Meadows in June 2023 after the passing of her husband Richard. She tells the group of women, “I was married for 58 years before I came here; it is my first time being alone, but I am not alone with you all here.”

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