Dean Moore Discusses ‘Workplace Flexibility’ with Provider Magazine

In a recent column in Provider Magazine, St. John’s Vice President of Work Life Dean Moore analyzes the working environment of the senior living industry.

“I’ve heard HR people state many times that you have to treat everyone the same when it comes to flexible schedules. If you can’t offer flexibility to clinical folks, don’t offer it to other staff. I’ve never bought into this concept,” Moore writes. “Managing differences is part of the fun of working in HR, and there’s no reason differences can’t also apply to remote work.”

Moore explains that using flexibility, scheduling and new technologies to connect with employees can make for a great working environment. A better working environment results in better patient care.

“By boosting your employees’ productivity and ensuring they’re committed and happy, you’re automatically increasing the level of patient care your facility provides.”

Read Dean Moore’s full column: “Creating Workplace Flexibility in the Health Care Industry” on Provider’s website

Provider magazine is the monthly print publication of the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living. 

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