Runyon Speaks on the Vital Role of Nursing Homes

Charlie Runyon believes that insufficient funding is negatively affecting access to nursing home care, and that this shortfall has been going on for far too long.

For months now, the St. John’s President and CEO has joined with other industry leaders to ramp up advocacy efforts calling for increased Medicaid reimbursement rates. While these efforts have been successful in fostering an increased Medicaid rate, the promised increased reimbursement payments have not been prioritized.

“Albany needs to hear loud and clear what a vital role nursing homes play in the continuum of healthcare,” Runyon told In Good Health. “We’ve been left out so long. Nursing homes were always an afterthought. Now with the backups in the hospital, the consequences of leaving nursing homes out of the continuum of healthcare is rearing its ugly head.”

Read the article featuring Charlie Runyon in the November issue of In Good Health

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